Thursday, 2 April 2015

End of Term Thursday

Good afternoon,


This morning we reflected on the term for a bit...

...kept the normal programme up until 12, had a very cool Easter Liturgy (please have a look at the Facebook feed on the OLA home page), then...

...the children exercised the Key Competencies of Thinking for themselves, Relating to others, Understanding symbols and text, Managing themselves and Participating and contributing...independently.

And a noisy time was had by all.

Thank you for your support over this term, and have a safe and relaxing holiday.

Mr Grant


  1. Thanks for a great first term Mr Grant, Room 2 is a hoot! Hope you and Galoop have a fab holiday - don't work too hard! Milan made great mention of choosing between "stuff we normally do after lunch" and TRUMP. Imagine my surprise hearing TRUMP won!

    1. Thanks Ali! Where has the time gone? Next term looks to be pretty full on too - our bi-annual OLA School Production.