Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Wednesday's Rituals

Good afternoon,

Today for R.E. we discussed and then listed the rituals that we do every day.

We also went over Monday's Flight ideas trying to identify what the all had in common.

More on that tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, and rituals for that matter, here, by request, is that which we say each morning while we are lined up outside.
Room 2 Greetings

R2 – “Mile fáilte” – Welcome. It is pronounced “meela fultcha”.

Parents – "Cead míle fáilte" – 100 thousand welcomes. It is pronounced “kade meela fultcha”.

R2 – "Dia duit" (pronounced "Dee a gwit") is the most traditional way of greeting someone. It translates to God be with you.

Parents – Respond with "Dia 'is Muire duit" (pronounced "Dee a issmera gwit"). This means God and Mary be with you.

Conas atá tú – How are you? It is pronounced “konis ator-too.”

Parents - Tá mé go maith, go raibh maith agat, agus tú fein? – I’m fine thank you, how are you? It is pronounced…listen to the hyperlink!


Go maith” (pronounced “Go mah”)

R2 – “Tena koutou Mums and Dads (or children), ma Te Atua koe e manaaki” ("Hello [everyone], and God bless you.")

Parents – “Tena koutou Rooma Rua, ma Te Atua koe e manaaki” (“Hello Room 2, and God bless you.")
We'll practice that in the morning. Easy peasy!

Mr Grant

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