Thursday, 10 December 2015

Last Days Thursday

Actually, final Thursday, if you think about it. By this time next week I will have already seen Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens!

Good afternoon,

Today was the start of our final...well, all sorts of stuff.

Our final class meditation...

...our final numeracy session...where the children sorted out all of the maths stuff!

And there was a heap of it! Two heaps, in point of fact. Well done Room 2.

For our final writing session we completed a Two Stars, One Wish sheet, which you will see tomorrow. Well, if they followed instructions at least...

And our final Big Book lesson, which was, as is usual for a Thursday, focused on vocabulary.

Our final R.E. session was all about completing the Christmas Wreaths.

The Big Shift happens after morning tea tomorrow - Room 2's moving to Room 3 for the rest of the year! I guess they'll have to get used to being called Room 3 for our final three days! So if you're keen on cleaning...

Mr Grant

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