Thursday, 19 February 2015

Thursday's Wednesday

Good afternoon,

Seeing as I was a little rushed last night, what with one thing and the other, I was unable to post our doings last night.'s what Room 2 got up to yesterday!

Well, we did a bit of fitness...

(much like we did today)

...and read a bit more of Brave Mama Puss.

As indeed we did today.

Though today's R.E. lesson left me in far less confusion than yesterdays. We learnt that...

...the alter and the lectern are also called the Table of the Eucharist and the Table of the Word respectively.

We also learnt the appropriate response to the Gospel reading...

...and why we cross ourselves on the forehead, lips and heart while doing so. To symbolise that we are thinking about the Gospel, talking about the Gospel and love the Gospel. I have often wondered about that, not coming from a Catholic background myself.

Have a lovely evening,

Mr Grant

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