Thursday, 5 February 2015

Week One's Done!

Good afternoon,

And welcome to the weekend!

This morning, after a nice start-of-the-year Mass, Room 2 did their first whole class assessment for the year - a Handwriting sample!

(I took these photos primarily so I could have a look at their pen grips)

These are in their Sample Books, as a snapshot of what they can do now. Hopefully, when we do another handwriting sample later in the term, you'll be able to see an improvement.

After a bit of big book instruction, exploring vocabulary...

...we all traipsed outside to learn the subtle art of retelling a reading text through freeze frames and photographs. We read the PM Reader Sandy Gets a Lead about a rabbit who'd just too big to run around in his cage, so gets a lead so as to hop around the back yard.

Each group had three actors and one or two photographers. We'll do more of this next week, as this is one of the regular independent follow up activities that I want the children to get on with during reading - I see them, read the new book with them, then send them outside to retell it thusly while I take the next group.

After lunch we finished off our scrolls...

...and talked about how to be fair in Room 2.

Have a great long weekend. I know I will - I'm competing in an ancients wargaming competition on Saturday, and an X Wing tournie on Sunday. Sweet!

Mr Grant

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