Thursday, 7 May 2015

Iroquois Thursday

Good afternoon,

This afternoon, just as we were getting changed before lunch, OLA was buzzed by a trio of Iroquois. Why?

Updated on Monday

Keep an ear out for the distinctive “sound of freedom” and sight of Iroquois helicopters moving about the country over the next two weeks as they attend a number of events before the ‘Huey’ is retired from RNZAF service.

Next stop will be the Air Force Museum, Christchurch following on from a visit to Base Woodbourne today, where a number of veterans from the Marlborough region had the chance to go for one last ride.

Operated by crews from No 3 Squadron at Ohakea, the Iroquois fleet has been in operation for almost 50 years and has been a stalwart of the RNZAF’s operational outputs since its purchase.

The Iroquois is being replaced by the state of the art NH90 Helicopter.
Ain't nothing like the sound of an Iroquois overhead. Unless there's three of them.

One of them even landed at Villa this afternoon.

But I digress.

Sort of.

Because other than the excitement of having helicopters overhead, school carried on fairly normally.

We did a bit of Maths...

...and a bit of Reading...

...and a bit of, well, dance. Sort of. We read a bit more of the story of Treasure Island, and then tried to figure out a quick jig to go along with this music here.

I'm pretty sure the children could come up with something better at home. So, to that end...

Mr Grant

Oh yes, and please remember to be ready to be tested for spelling tomorrow morning!

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