Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Great Desk Shift Around

Good afternoon,

Well, after quite a fractious morning, we had a bit of a desk shift around. As shown while they were working on the R.E. follow up activity.

Some seating combinations were just not working well at all. Which is a shame, as some were working beautifully, but I had to...disperse them around the room.

These new arrangements will help to have a more settled and focus class while they are working at their desks.

On a more positive note, Ma reading group had their first taste of creating information webs using Poplet on the iPads today.

All done quite independently. Well done Ma!

I'll be out of the room tomorrow getting some reporting sussed, so Mrs McDonald will be at the helm.

Have a nice evening, for verily, a nice evening it is,

Mr Grant

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