Tuesday, 1 September 2015

First Day Tuesday

Good afternoon,

Sorry for not posting last night, the internet was down at work. Hence the title of this post - this is the first for the week.

Yesterday afternoon, after I came back from my introduction to Modern/Updated/Effective/Call-It-What-You-Will Learning Practices (basically, it's what we're already doing, with a little more choice in what the children can do when they're not with the teacher...) course in town, we had some visitors from Room 5 who read us Dr Sues' last ever book, What Pet Should I Get?

Which I then thought, since the book's ending was open, that the children should answer the good doctor's question.

What Pet Should I Get?

We then continued on with our Flight unit, adapting and experimenting with the left over mini-flyers to see if we could make them fly further by adding more wing area.

To varying degrees of success!

As for today, after we had what I think was a couple of particularly thoughtful reflections on today's meditative scripture...

...the big new thing was our first lesson of Move Improve. Gym activities, courtesy of Olympia Gym. 

And a good time was had by all!

You would have got a message about Science Alive coming to school in Week 9 - some of you would have got it twice. If you only got it once, please let me know, Google Mail seems to be casting some doubt over whether all of my Blind Carbon Copies to you are getting though...

Mr Grant

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