Thursday, 24 September 2015

Less Structured Thursday

Good afternoon,

Well, 39 (or so days) down, 1 day to go!

Today was a bit of a...less-structured-than-usual kind of day.

It did start off as most Thursdays do...

...but then we!

(The idea being that the children would procure items for sale, price them, then go around exchanging notes for it said items.)

After morning tea we were back to the regularly scheduled programme...for a Thursday...


...exploring the vocabulary of this week's big book text, and then...back to a bit of independent learning while I caught up on the rest of Kakariki's and Parakaraka's reading assessments. So, no reading instruction, so no reading books.

Speaking of assessments...that was our afternoon! R.E. (Church strand) and Science.

Tomorrow's mufti day, no donation required. Please bring in all reading folders so I can have a bit of a clean out of books for their browsing boxes.


Mr Grant

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