Monday, 12 October 2015

Fourth First Day Monday

Good afternoon,

And welcome to the fourth Monday of a new term...for this year.

We did the usual stuff... something new.

So, after a bit of discussion...

...we documented some of our prior knowledge...

...of which there was a fair bit, and then, after tracing around two volunteers, labeled those parts accordingly.

 The results of which are at the back of the room.

A notice will be coming home this week about...well, the bits and pieces that we will be talking about on Friday - including their proper names!

Oh, and we said goodbye to a day visitor...Galoop!

That's what Galoop Senior looked like, back in the day. Before getting loved into retirement!

Athletics day has been postponed to this coming Friday due to the impending southerly that is currently making it's way up the country. Oh, and speaking of future events, the whole school will be participating in National Shakeout Day, at 9:15 on Thursday morning. Please feel free to talk to your children about it beforehand.

Mr Grant

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