Thursday, 29 October 2015

Tall Order Thursday

Good afternoon,

This morning, after a good discussion about the heart of the Gospel...

...we popped into the Life Education caravan to meet Harold the Giraffe... well as learning some other interesting bits and bobs.

Then, once I got back from taking some choir children to the Cashmere View Retirement Village to help out at a wee church service that the Parish runs for the residents (once a term, I believe), we carried on with some of our regularly scheduled reading programme.

Oh, and this just in from the student council...

Hi everyone,

We, along with Hoon Hay school...and much of the nation...are having a Black Out day to celebrate The All Blacks getting into the Rugby World Cup finals.

Your children have to be dressed in black (or grey or white - alternative strip) or they come in their school uniform. Their shoes do not have to be black though.

Please, no face paint!

We will be out on Sparks Road shortly after 9 to show solidarity with Hoon Hay and the local community.

Have a great day!

Mr H.

See you all blacked out in the morning then!

Mr Grant

And speaking of the Gospel...

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