Tuesday, 9 June 2015

A Quiet Tuesday

Well, for some of it anyway.

Good afternoon,

We kicked off with a bit of a quiet morning today, as, just after our Maths warm up of doubles and halves..."now sing it..."

...and instructional groups were about to get under way...two thirds of the class shot through for Kapa Haka for the last time. During the morning, anyway. Things'll get back to their regular lunch time or Friday afternoon routine after the production next week. Our Friday afternoons won't be being consumed with production practices.

Still, those who were left continued with Maths...

...Phonics and Writing...

...which the rest of the class caught the tail end of.

After morning tea we had a spot of Reading...

...followed by some R.E. after lunch.

Which caused some discussion - did God make paper? (We came to the conclusion that no, He didn't. He made the wood, people mulched it into paper.)

And the day ended with a spot of P.E. (Soccer) with Mrs Fitzsimmons, while I took her class for a run with Rugby balls.

And a good time was had by all. You know, apart from when it wasn't.

I hope your costumes are all here, we've got our first dress rehearsal tomorrow afternoon,

Mr Grant

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