Monday, 15 June 2015

Technical Difficulties Monday

Good afternoon,

This morning, after a bit of inside fitness...

...Kahurangi Reading Group performed a play for us. Which I dutifully recorded. However, towards the end of the performance, my phone had a bit of a spaz, which has apparently corrupted the file. So, well...well done Kahurangi, but no joy - it will only be remembered by those who saw it at the time!

Please make sure all of your costumes are at school tomorrow - we're getting changed into them before getting on the busses on Wednesday morning. Sports gear on Wednesday, to and from school, as per the latest newsletter...
So…this week will be all about Treasure Island. We’ve got the dress rehearsal, mattinee and evening performances at Villa on the Wednesday, with another evening performance on the Thursday. Please read the notice I’ve copied to the end of this newsletter…

  • Please be here early on Wednesday morning
    • we want to get onto the busses as early as possible and..
    • the children will have to change into their costumes here at school beforehand. So time will be short.
  • Sports uniform to and from school on Wednesday
    • They’ll take their costumes home on Wednesday
      • Please have them dressed in their costumes when you drop them off to Villa
        by 6 o’clock
        Wednesday night.
      • Same again Thursday night.
  • As for Wednesday day, I think it will be easier if they have their morning tea in a named bag, and their lunch in another separate named bag. That way I can take them in my bags…and only have to keep track of two. Though they’ll have to take and keep track of their own water bottles.
Bye for now,

Mr Grant

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