Friday, 12 June 2015

Busy Busy Friday

Well, from my perspective anyway!

Good afternoon,

Seeing as things were a bit flat out this morning, I have no evidence of this morning's learning to present to you. (No photos! Though they did learn the maori word for "frog" - poraka!)

They did read a poem...

...which I didn't record, 'cause, well...'twas a touch complex. (Though in retrospect, had we practiced a few more times...)

After lunch, so that Mrs Carrol could be freed up to direct the stage hands through their stage craft for next week, we were visited by half of Room 11. Together the children practiced using the Key Competencies.

Have a great weekend - I'm pretty sure I will. I'm hoping that my "Keep 'em off Wedge" X Wing list will do the biz tomorrow in a wee warm up event leading up to the X Wing Regionals in about a months or so's time.

Mr Grant

Oh, and the notice that is going out regarding Wednesday...

Treasure Island

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